Wen Introduction

What is Wen?

Wen is a community/meme coin focused on bringing wen culture to life and creating the largest cat coin possible. Cat coins are an extremely underserved niche in the market that the core group of contributors believes has massive potential.

Mission & Goals

Create the largest culture coin possible and foster a community of like-minded individuals to fuel Wen forward. Wen is focused on connecting mainstream users to a community coin through cats. Combining the famous crypto culture term β€œWen” alongside the cutest cat to make the ultimate coin in web3.


230,000+ holders

153,000 Twitter followers (Wen is completely organic, never paid for any KOLs/influencers)

14,000+ Telegram members

90+ integrations including Phantom, Backpack, Tensor, Jupiter, Helio, Sphere, DRip, Helius, etc

Owners of the #1 and #2 X cat accounts in the world (@shouldhavecat and @postsofcats)

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