Token Extensions

WNS offloads as much functionality to the Solana Token Extensions program as possible:

  • Metadata - Asset metadata leverages the Metadata Token Extension

  • GroupPointer - For collection data, point the collection Mint to a Group account to define a collection with the group pointer

  • MemberPointer - For individual NFTs, point the NFT Mint to a Member account to attach it to a collection with the member pointer

  • Group* - The account that represents a collection of NFTs.

  • Member* - The account that gives on-chain direction for what Group an NFT is apart of.

  • ImmutableOwner - Owners token accounts cannot be transfered to evade transfer hooks.

  • TransferHook - Each NFT has a Transfer Hook attached to it that validates the proper accounts were generated by the Marketplaces who paid royalties.

*Currently this is represented by a WNS account as the Solana Token Extensions program doesn't support these extensions on mainnet. Once these go live, there will be a migration for all outstanding collections.

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