The Wen New Standard NFT architecture is a wrapper around the Solana Token Extensions program that enables traditional NFT functionality using native Solana Programs rather than Third Party Extensions.

The key advantages to using WNS are the following:

  • Lower fees - Minting a WNS NFT costs 0.01 SOL roughly and is entirely closable (meaning refundable), alternative implementations (other than compressed) cost 3x as much with only 1/3 of the value refundable.

  • Built for the future - Built from the ground up with Token Extensions, WNS will give creators the most viable option for any aveneue they are perusing.

  • Limited reliance on third-party contracts - The majority of WNS functionality is purely derived from Solana native code which is foundational to Solana.

The WNS Program defines NFTs as any asset with:

  • 0 decimals - The asset cannot be broken into small chunks

  • 1 supply - There is only one of the asset

  • Locked Mint Authority - There will only ever be one token

The WNS program is primarily an interface for building NFTs with Token Extensions. This is not intended to be a heavy program and the majority of credit for the functionality of these tokens lies with Solana Labs team.

Here is a brief guide to the Token Extensions program which is heavily referenced by WNS.

The WNS program audit has not been formally completed yet and should be treated as such. This Gitbook will serve as a reference point for the structure of WNS, how to build on it, and how to support the project. For specific code, please visit the github here:

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